After a long day, you finally get into bed, only to smell the oh-so-familiar scent of cat urine. After sniffing around the room, you find the tell-tale stain on your favorite shirt and are convinced your kitty hates you.


Believe it or not, your cat’s inappropriate urination is not out of spite. Actually, your cat is pleading with you, their favorite human, for help. Here are five reasons why your cat may be eliminating outside their box, and how you can help the situation.


#1: Your cat’s litter box smells like a porta-potty after a football game

No one likes to use a dirty bathroom, least of all your pampered feline. Scoop your cat’s litter box at least twice a day. Completely empty it, and then clean it with plain water or baking soda once a week.


#2: Your cat is being bullied by another pet

If another cat is resource guarding or preventing your cat from using the litter box in peace, they may seek out a more private location. To ensure enough elimination stations, purchase one litter box per cat, plus one more. This way, even if every cat decides to go at the same time, each one has an option. 


#3: Your cat feels cramped inside their litter box

Your cat needs adequate space to scratch, dig, and posture and may look elsewhere if they cannot move around freely. Despite your preference to keep their mess contained, most cats do not like covered litter boxes. Your cat’s litter box should be as long as the length from their nose to their tail tip and as wide as the length from their nose to their tail base to ensure they don’t feel cramped. 


#4: Your cat’s litter box smells like roses (or lilies, lavender, or lilacs)

On the other hand, your cat is also sensitive to strong smells and may dislike the scented litter you bought. Most cats prefer unscented litter that has a fine, sand-like consistency. Cats also resist change, so once you find a litter your cat likes, stick with it and avoid changes. 


#5: Your cat has a medical problem

If your cat is still urinating outside their litter box, despite the perfect scenario, a medical problem may be to blame. Give us a call—we can help you get to the bottom of the problem.