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Allied ER Testimonials

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The staff was so kind. They provided the best care.

Katie S.

The staff AND company truly cares for pets and owners. Nobody wants to end up in the ER with their pet, but this is my top choice for after hours and ER care.
Ashley S.

I had a question about what dog ate and the girl that answered was awesome. she very kind and gave me relief that my dog was gana be fine. if I ever have an emergency when my vet is closed I will definitely give them a call back.
Heather K.

So incredibly thankful for the staff at Allied Vet Emergency Services!!! Our kitty hasn’t been feeling well for about two days, and after taking her in yesterday and finding out that she had pancreatitis, she still wasn’t eating. When I called the emergency office today, they talked us through our options and gave us helpful advice. A short while later, we decided to take her in. From the moment I got to the vet clinic, the staff was extremely professional, courteous, and supportive. They provided an additional medication, and our kitty already seems to be improving. I love knowing that they are there!

Nichole M.

So proud of you ladies! I will recommend you to anyone!
Brittany K.